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Message In a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

" The novel's unbashed emotion-and an unexpected turn-will put tears in your eyes."


If you are not familiar with the name Nicholas Sparks, all I can say is that he is a best selling author of mainly romance novels with most of them have been turned into movies. I'm sure you guys have heard of the movie 'A walk to remember' which featured pop sensation Mandy Moore as one of the leading actors. The movie was adapted from one of books by Nicholas Sparks which ia also called 'A Walk To Remember'.

This book which I have chosen to be reviewed which is called 'Message in A Bottle' has also been turned into movies but I have not seen them yet. The book introduces us to a character named Theresa who was jogging along the beach when she accidentaly discovered a bottle on the beach. Inside the bottle, there is a love letter to a person called Catherine, written by a man named Garrett. Intrigued by the love letter, Theresa then made a decision to tracked down the man who had written the letter.

I think this book was destined to be made into a movie. The book was written brilliantly and the plot is interesting with the ending turns out to be very surprising and sad. Even while reading the book feels like watching a movie. I have nothing but good words for the book. It is also the book which first introduces me to Nicholas Sparks and I have been a fan of his romance novels ever since. If you like romance novels, reading books by Nicholas Sparks is a must. But I highly recommend you to start by reading 'Message in a bottle' and ' The Notebook'. These two are considered to be some of his best written works.

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