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Are You Alone on Purpose by Nancy Werlin

“I don’t think you’re nuts,” he said, slowly. “Just – you’re really on your own planet.”

‘Harry Roth is the bane of Alison Shandling’s existence. He’s tough and rude, and thinks nothing of taunting brainy Alison or making comments about her autistic twin brother. Alison does her best to ignore him, but since she sees him at school and at synagogue, he’s hard to avoid.

Then Harry is injured in a diving accident, and winds up in a wheelchair. Now Harry is vulnerable, too, and Alison finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. Though initially cautious, the two begin to understand each other, and their relationship grows first into a friendship and then into something more…’

Because I don’t have any more books to read, I decided to read this book that my sister bought just last year I think. This book is actually for pre-teen but I just need something to read to pass the time. The summary just caught my attention.

It’s a story of two teens: a bully and a class nerd. Harry is a school bully and Alison is the school nerd. Harry’s father is the Rabbi while Alison’s family is sort of not religious people, and a twin brother who is autistic. Alison always tries to avoid seeing from Harry because she had enough of his bullying and one day, Harry got into accident and paralyzed from waist down. Then, without Alison’s parents’ knowledge, she started to hang out with Harry who is still annoyed by Alison’s presence. But when they get to know each other’s life, love started to grow.

Not only does this book cover a love story of these two teens, but it also covers about being you. The story line is pretty good and so are the characters. Not what I expected from a Pre-teen book. All in all, a very good book for light reading. The first few pages are pretty slow but it gets better in the end and for that…

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