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Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

My first post of Percy Jackson can be found here. I decided not to review each of the book because... Well, just because. I thought that I should review ONLY the first book and then read the rest and give a final review on the series.

What more I can say about this series?


Hello readers! (If there is any)

I know we've been missing for I don't know how many months (or is it years?). Both of us are busy with our studies and believe it or not, I haven't got the time to read any books when semester started. Now I'm on my Semester Break (and will be back soon), and I think I've read 2-4 books so far. I need to reach my 30 goals this year.

Currently I'm reading 'Stolen' by Lucy Christopher. So far so good and I hope I'll write a review for it. But anyways, thanks for reading and visiting this blog even though we're not active currently. :D

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