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The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

‘A haunting story of the search for identity…is packed with memorable characters and evocative settings. Cleverly constructed and beautifully written, this is the perfect summer read.’
- Choice Magazine

It's hard to summarise this book because of its complicated story plot but basically the book is a mixture of tales from different generations of the Montrachet family and how a secret was created among the family and it took a few decades later for others to discover the true story behind the Montrachet family. The book opens with the story of Nell who was 4 years old when she was on a ship from England on a journey towards Australia but found herself abandoned by the mysterious ' The Authoress'. The dockmaster found her and adopt her as his own. As Nell grew up into a young lady, she learned the real story behind her abandonment as a child and led her to England. A few decades later, her grandchildren took the same journey and slowly found herself uncovering the real story behind Nell's family history.

The book is divided into chapters where the story will jumps between each chapters for example the book will begin with a chapter telling the story of Nell. The next chapter will tell the story of the Montrachet in the past and the next chapter will go back to Nell's story. This might be confusing for a while but fortunately the good storyline compensates for the confusing way the story is arranged in the book. The book has some mystery, drama and it even got some short children's tale 'The Crone's eyes' and 'The Golden egg' concealed among the pages and written by Eliza Makepeace, one of the main characters.

Overall I really like this book for its beautiful story and the way the mystery evolves from pages to pages ,making me becoming more curious with how it will all end. Mind you, this book is very thick, about 645 pages so a motivation is needed for me to finish this book in a short period. As some of the reviewers of this book suggested, if you like 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett, you will like this book.

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