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You Drive Me Crazy

You Drive Me Crazy by Carole Matthews

"Wouldn't you rather have one that's a bit bruised & battered? One that has a few miles on the clock. One that's endured a few dents & knocks, but is still totally reliable. One with character & charm to cruise down life's highway in. One that desperately needs some tender loving care."

"Are we still talking about cars?"

I had this book for like…I think almost 2-3 years. Bought by my cousins because they don’t know what to buy for me when they were in…some place outside Brunei. I read this book just this year because before I wasn’t interested in it then my sister read it and told me it’s a cliché. I hate SPOILERS! But I finally read it! Yay me!

It’s about a woman named Anna Terry who meets a guy named Nick Diamond in the waiting area of her divorce lawyer’s office. Anna’s first marriage ended before her first child was born and the 2nd one vanished, leaving her with 2 children and without even a penny and no job.
While Nick Diamond’s wife went off with the local butcher and his second-hand car dealership is in chaos. When Anna gets a job as Nick’s secretary, what starts as a mild flirtation soon accelerates into overdrive – but that’s before each of their ex-partners came back into their lives and unexpected things happen!

I love this book so much because there’s so much humor in it that even one tiny bit of it makes you laugh. But at some point, I’m so angry with it when both of their exes came back and also their friends but in the end…Well, it’s a good book and funny! I don’t want to tell you the ending that’ll ruin everything! Ok maybe a bit of sneak- peek of introduction of my version? When they first met in the waiting area, Anna told Nick she doesn’t have children! I'm going to try to buy books by this author.

Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah

I was introduced to the writings of Yen Mah by my father who bought her book, Chinese Cinderella. I was totally in love with the books and has been a big fan of hers ever since. Chinese Cinderella is the shorter version of Falling Leaves where the story is the same but with CC, the story stops at the time when Yen Mah's father offered her the chance to go to England. But with Falling Leaves, the story continues to the 1990's Hongkong and Shanghai.

This book has a great storyline although reading the beginning part of the book can make you want to give up reading it. As I read it further, I found myself to become immersed in Adeline's story and can never stop reading because I wanted to know what will happen next for Adeline. I am able to finished the book in one day.

Falling leaves never seem to bored me even after reading it several times. Plus, the simple english used in the books make it even easier for people like me who considered english as our second language. Get some coffee and start reading this book. I gurantee you will enjoy it.


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