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Veronika Decides To Die By Paulo Coelho

"You've landed slap bang in hell, so you'd better make the most of it."

Do you need some inspiration? Well, Paulo Coelho will inspire you with all the books he has written. And one of the books is 'Veronika Decides To Die'. It's about a woman, who has everything in life like a loving family, handsome boyfriend and etc.

Decided to end her life, she takes sleeping pills but end up alive and in a hospital for mad people. The doctor told her she has few weeks to live because the pills damaged her heart and at anytime soon, it'll stop.

This book is a little bit boring for me but it's my 2nd best of all his books. And is really inspiring as it is about life. Why we should appreciate it while we live since we don't know when we're going to die and death is around the corner. And also how people see other people, who do stuffs that they like as mad people. You know, like daredevils. We call them mad, don't we? I rate this book...

Ps. This book is going to be a movie. Veronika will be played by Sarah Michelle Gellar of the famous Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

True Singapore Ghost Stories by Russell Lee

This popular series of books by Russell Lee is about the collection of true ghost stories from Singapore as well as the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The book is currently in its 18th series. This book gives you some insights on the unique paranormal scene in this part of Southeast Asia and how they affect the culture and the lives of the people. As some of you might be aware of that Asia has a unique culture with some having a touch of mystics and supernatural to them.

If you want to know more about the famous ghosts in Southeast Asia such as pontianak, this book and you'll find a lot about them in the stories. The book uses first person narration which gives the stories a more "true story" look. Overall this book is a pleasure to read and a perfect reading when you're just relaxing on the couch to pass the time. But just be sure to read the book on daytime unless you're brave enough to imagine what you're not suppose to be imagining. Beware! Remember to buy the original one with the "Angsana Books" imprinted on the front cover.

Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War by Steve Phillips

I know how difficult it was to find a good history book particularly for the A Level student who took International History paper. Before I found out about this book, I was considered to be a dumb-ass on the Cold War topic. The whole issues about Capitalism, Communism, nuclear arms race and so on, never seem to make sense to me. Although I enjoyed my teacher's lessons on the topic and for a moment I seem to understand what she said but later I will forget about what she had just said. The books on the Cold War which were provided by our school did not help much to clear my confusion on the topic.

For me the books were not giving a clear and direct info on the Cold War and I would have to read them as if I was reading a novel. Moreover, I considered the english used in those books to be slightly advanced than that of my level of english and thus making it difficult to understand what was written. One of my friends happened to bought the Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War and that is how I was introduced to this book. From my point of view, the book can be useful to students because it gives a clear and concise information on the Cold War topic.

The size of the words were big enough to see without straining the eyes. Some of the difficult terms in the topic, for e.g. ABM,Vietcong... were defined in a clear english. So for those of you, students or adults, who wants to learn and understand more on the Cold War in a short period of time, I highly recommend this book. For the students, I hope this books will help you to pass your exams. Good luck!

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

"Ivan?" She called again.
"Ye-es," I said impatiently, getting to my feet & looking at her. Her eyes passed over me and she continued scanning the garden.

My heart stopped beating; I swear I felt it stop.

Once in our lifetime, we need to have some fun because life is short. So I heard. This is my most favourite book by Cecelia Ahern. It's about a woman named Elizabeth Egan, who has to take care of her nephew whose mother is out there somewhere having fun.

Elizabeth life is not 'normal' as it seems. She tries to make it simple, strict and have no fun in life because she doesn't want to suffered again like in the past until Ivan came, who hates boring people or 'Gnirob' he calls them.

Ivan, as old as he looks, is the opposite of Elizabeth. Playful, adventurous, carefree and spontaneous. Just as Elizabeth begin to trust Ivan, it turns out that he isn't at all who she thought he was.
Who is this Ivan? And why does he suddenly came into her life?

This book bought by a friend (I ordered it) from the Philippine because they have big bookstores over there~ I would give this book 5 stars and 10 fingers up! You need to be open-minded mind, have great imagination and a box of tissue.

Ps. People get confused with the title. Some would say "If ONLY You Could See Me Now" or "ONLY If You Could See Me". LOL~

Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

For those of you who like some motivation in getting through life, I highly recommend reading this book. the story centered on the lectures held between Mitch Albom and his former University lecturer, Morrie Schwartz on every Tuesday. I would describe the experience reading this book as though you're there in every lessons with both of the characters and listening to every words of wisdom that came out from Morrie's mouth.

I envy Morrie for being able to enjoy life but at the same time facing the reality that he has little time left on earth. He has that confident that you rarely see on other people. I felt deeply touched by Morrie's character that I would cry by the end of the book especially the part where Morrie had passed away. The greatest lesson that I gained from reading this book is that always look positively in everything.

From my point of view, Morrie is someone optimistic and that is how he was able to went on with his life as if everthing's normal and like his doctor never told him about his life-threatening disease. What is more important is learn from Morrie's character, ponder some of the words he said in the book and apply them to your life.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

"No," I said softly."It doesn't matter to me what you are."

A hard, mocking edge entered his voice. "You don't care if I'm a monster? If I'm not human?"

I guess everyone know all about Twilight now. The movie came out on Nov.21st. It's a smash in the Box-Office! Before the movie came out, the book is a bestseller too. I found out about this book when I surf the internet, Googling for books that are just like Harry Potter since I don't have books to read and I click few sites and this book appears mostly to all of the sites I clicked.
I wrote it down and decided to find it if I'm in the city. And guess what?! I bought it on September 2007 and there's only one left at the Mall's Best Eastern alongside the 2nd one (New Moon). I think I read it on the beginning of 2008.

Enough of my history-of-having-the-book. It's about a teenage girl named Bella who moved to Forks to live with her dad.And she met someone so different, unique shall I say, named Edward Cullen whom Isabella Swan finally realized is a vampire. A 'vegetarian' one that don't drink human's blood and plays baseball. This vampire is not the same as the classic vampire stories that can't stay under the sun and comes out during the night and sleeps in coffin. She falls in love with him and putting herself and her love ones in danger when she gets too close to him.

Stephenie Meyer wrote this book more like a Fanfiction that she didn't realized would be a bestseller. The starting is pretty boring. That's always happen in every books I've read in my whole life. And when you read further especially when Bella meets Edward, it's getting better
and you can't stop! It is also funny because there's this one vampire that is so jealous of Bella because she's human. Just like Harry Potter, this book consists of 4 (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn). If you like to collect the series-type-kind of books, don't miss this one. Because you'll regret for not reading it! And not reading this first one (eventhough you watched the movie) will make you confuse when you read the 2nd or the rest.

Wanna learn more about the author? Visit her website.
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