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Wiley Publishing Inc, Digital Field Guide

As a phenomena going around Brunei, that is Photography as a hobby, I thought I might want to review about a book published by the Wiley Inc. I haven't read so much about this kind of book (my dad has one for his Canon EOS 40D) but the book is too simple but has so much information about your current camera. It may not give information about how to be a 'professional' but it provides much information on the simple things like how to take a picture in different angles and stuffs like that that can make yourself a pro in minutes or so. It also provides clear pictures on photo that have taken as a sample.

To all the beginners, I recommend for you guys to buy this kind of book. I don't know if it's available in Brunei but you can find it in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...That's where my dad bought his. I think it cost Rm$70++ but it's w0rth it.

You can find the books here. Eventhough they're under the 'Digital Field Guide', they are not written under the same author.


Some of the readers had suggested some books for us to review and we are trying as hard as we can to get our hands on some of the books suggested. That is our main goal we will try to review at least one in the future. But for the meantime, be patient and please keep coming back to our BukukuReview Blog for new updates. If you have any suggestions or if you want to share with us any good books for us to review, please send them to, thanks

Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

"Consider how a sword is either an instrument for good or for bad. It is the hand that wields it that makes it so, not the steel"

This book tells a story about 2 women in different year and the story changes between the 2.

It started with Leonie in the year 1891. Leonie's mother Marguerite received a letter from their aunt Isolde, her deceased half-brother's wife. Their aunt invited them, Leonie, Anatole (Leonie's brother) and Marguerite to visit her in Domaine de La Cade where she resides. Leonie was so happy to get to travel and visit her aunt for the first time but she didn't know behind this letter, there's a secret she'll discovered. When reaching the Domaine, Leonie discovered a Sepulchre at the Domaine's backyard and read about the mystery of the Sepulchre in which causes the death of her uncle.

Then, there's Meredith living in the present (2007). She came to Paris for research on a biography and also to find her family origins. She visits a card reader (tarot cards) when she was told to and has to discover the meanings of the card that were being flip out. What she is destined to find. And at one time, she needed a place to stay for a while and find a hotel named Domaine De La Cade and...things happen.

It was fun reading this book. Bought this in KK in June last year but read it after my exam (so around November or December).Different from others that I've read. I totally use my imagination and imagine actors and actresses that would fit the characters in the book. Totally like a movie and should be make as a movie. But anyways, of course the introduction is always slow but once I get further, I don't dare to put it down! The story is about secrets, revenge, a bit of horror and tragic love. And it's nice! =D
Ps.I love to pronounce Domaine de La Cade

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

"Goodbye, Bella," he said in the same quiet, peaceful voice.

"Wait!" I choked out the word, reaching for him, willing my deadened legs to carry me forward.

The second book of the Twilight Saga. Focusing on, of course the heroine, Bella Swan and Jacob Black, Bella's father's best friend's son. The boy she met while in La Push in the first book (not the first movie).

Surely once you finished the first book, you will try to skip this second one (coz I almost did it) as Edward Cullen will not be in this book...well, except for few pages or so. Though, DON'T SKIP!

As Bella saddened by Edward's leave, she becomes close to Jacob but as she do that, it seems like Jacob tends to stay away from her which of course saddened her more. But she suddenly realized why he did that and learns about his true nature and also learns the danger that's coming after her.

Bought this book at Best Eastern @ The Mall, Gadong. Like the first book, I saw only one left and decided to buy it before I even started reading the first one. =D I rate this book....

Paulo Coelho's New Book on Myspace

I have got some good news for Paulo Coelho's fans out there. I just found out that Paulo is posting up chapters from his new book "The Winner Stands Alone" on Myspace. Click here to go to Paulo Coelho's Myspace. You will be the first to read his new book before it will be release on March 19 in UK while other countries will be around June to December 2009. The following description was taken from the website

"Set during one day at the Cannes Film Festival, this is the story of a successful, driven entrepreneur who will go to the darkest lengths to reclaim a lost love. Captured in all their crassness are producers, actors, aspiring starlets, supermodels, and notorious fashionistas, whose lives and actions hold sway over millions."

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

One of the best book I've ever read and that's how I've become one of Paulo's fan. My sis bought this book while she was in Singapore. She told me it's a great book to read. And when I got hold on this book, it just got me addicted.

A young man named Santiago had a dream about a little boy telling him there's a treasure near the pyramids. He seek for a gypsy to ask her what his dream meant. The gypsy told him to get the treasure. On his journey he met a girl, a king and got robbed by a lying thief. He helped a crystal merchant with his shop for a year and then, continue his journey to find the treasure. He met an englishman in Egypt who tells Santiago about an Alchemist who can transformed metal into gold. And he also met a muslim girl named Fatima and fall in love with her. But will he stay for the love of his life or continue his journey to find the treasure?

This story kind of influence me because it's about following your dreams but at the same time, obstacles always stop us from reaching for it. It's a quick read though as it is thin unlike the other books. You can finish it in a week or less. I recommend you to read the book and try to understand the message.

Wild Swans by Jung Chang

I absolutely in love with this book and It is now officially one of my many favourite books. This book depicts the story of three women of different generations living in different periods of time in China. The three women which consist of Jung Chang's Grandmother, her mother and herself told their own haunting stories living during the political turmoil in China under the Japanese occupation, under the Kuomintang and under Mao Zedong.

What makes this book an enjoyment to read is how Jung Chang managed to described the stories of her Grandparent, her parents and herself in a way that you immediately can relate yourself to the characters and you can feel the feeling of hope, love and courage shown by the characters. The haunting stories of the book follows me everywhere that I am able to remember all the stories vividly. This book was published in the early nineties but I only found out about this book recently while I was on my holiday trip to Malaysia. And did you know this book was banned in China? Nonetheless, I highly recommend this book.
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