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Q&A by Vikas Swarup (Now a Major Film Slumdog Millionaire)

"Absolutely 100% correct! Mr. Ram Mohammad Thomas, you have made history by winning the world's biggest jackpot. One billion rupees!"

Ram Mohammad Thomas was poor. He was an orphan. Ram never went to school. He was a servant.

But when Ram went on W3B (Who Will Win A Billion), he hit the biggest jackpot. So how did he manage to answer all the questions correctly? He was just a poor kid. Surely he must have cheated!

Ram Mohammad Thomas was captured by the police in the middle of the night. In jail, he was forced to strip and tortured by the potty-mouthed Inspector Godbole. Luckily for Ram, Smita , a lawyer he never heard of, saved him from jail by storming through the police station and demanded his release immediately.

Smita took Ram under her wing and while watching tapes of the show, Ram explained how he knew the answers. Ram told Smita tales of him growing up that were unbelievably all related to questions on the show.

Read how Ram got his unusual name, how he almost got fondled by a gay actor and who Prem Kumar (W3B host) really was. I watched the film (Slumdog Millionaire) before I read the book but I was not disappointed at all. The book is far better and more delightful. The writer's use of humour kept me entertained and the story, though far-fetched, is cleverly-written. This book is unputdownable!

By: Hjh Haryati Hj Abd Gafur

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