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In Siberia by Colin Thubron

First of all, I wouldn't even take notice of this book if it is not because of the book's attractive cover and the beautiful illustration at the front. Furthermore, I am not really a big fan of travel books genre. To sum up this book, it basically tells about Colin Thubron's experiences travelling through Siberia aboard the famous Trans-Siberian Railways or taking a ride on a bus while passing along some of the majestic landscapes of Siberia. But this is no ordinary Travel book.

The writer managed to combine History as well as Travel into the story. In every places the writer stopped by, there will be some interesting characters that seems to appear out of nowhere. And also for every places, the writer would mentioned the history of the places and some unique facts about them. After reading this book, I feel like I have been there along with the writer in Siberia. That is how powerful the words used to describe Siberia by the writer. The writer managed to describe Siberia eloquently. Every I used to think Siberia is just a dull country covered with ice throughout the year. What a mistake! Reading this book gives me an insight into the real Siberia that I never knew existed.

What I Was by Meg Rosoff

"Without the first school, I would not have ended up at the second. Without the second, I would not have attended St Oswald's. Without st Oswald's, I would not have met Finn.
Without Finn, there would be no story."

I love how the words were written BUT this is so not 'my type' of books. It's about a 16 year old boy who has problems with school. He is so unfriendly until one day, when he was lying against a shack and someone asked him what he was doing. And he looked up to see a boy his age staring down at him.

He started to befriend with this boy whose name is Finn and trying to live the life Finn is having. That is having freedom, no school and etc. He thought he could trust Finn as the character become obsess with him until one day Finn suddenly got sick and truth came out and boy was he really in trouble.

I bought this book last year because of the cover (don't judge the book by it's cover, anyone?) and I try to finish it ASAP as I find it really boring and couldn't understand what this author trying to deliver. It is really hard to understand because it's almost classical. Though, I try to buy other books that is written by the same author.

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