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The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

"This witty, fantastically absorbing tale shows that not all bitchy girls are mean, not all nuns are strait-laced and that, no matter what, you can always change your future"
- Books Quarterly

The Book of Tomorrow tells the story of Tamara Goodwin, a 16-year-old spoiled child who always gets whatever she wants. However after her father died, her family were left with debts and Tamara and her mother were forced to leave their rich and pampered lifestyle and moved to live with her aunt and her husband in the countryside somewhere in Ireland. One day, Tamara was visited by a travelling library bus and there she encountered a diary which can tell her future.

As always with other Cecelia Ahern's books, there are some elements of fantasy in the story which in this case, an encounter with a magical diary which can predict the future. However this book is not a favourite of mine as I find the character very annoying in my opinion. Furthermore, I found that the writer tends to wrote lengthy description of some unnecessary things such as the trees, the workings of the bees. But don't get me wrong, I do understand the importance of using description in books but I prefer the descriptions to be in limited number of words or in just one small paragraph. But in this book, sometimes the description of the trees took one whole page to describe and many times I found myself becoming bored with the story and many times I had to skipped a few pages before I can understand where the story is going.

But nevertheless, the book's cover is gorgeous and this is also the reason why I like buying Cecelia Ahern's book but if you would like to read more of her book, I suggest you read P.S. I love you which is her first international best-seller and two of my favourite A Place Called Here and If You Could See Me Now.
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