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19.9.10 - Kiden

Hello our dear readers,

Kiden is here! Thought I might update with some...blogs...and not review. My friend told me (No, not Afi Hamid) that our blog is a bit...well, let's say unproductive. Therefore, I'm trying to blog as much as I can here except I don't know what I want to blog about.

Should I blog about the books I've bought? Or should I blog about the books I've received/borrowed? Surely, I usually include that when I review a book. But anyways,...

I wanted to say that in August, I've read more books than other months which is so cool and unbelievable because on the first few days of August, I returned to Uni for my studies. I'm trying not to read novels while studying because I don't want interruptions. But then, on the first few weeks, most of the classes haven't started yet so I steal the time to try to finish the books I've bought. Such as...

and just finished... 

Ok it's not that much... But that's in a month. Usually I read 1-2 books in a month or nothing at all. So actually, The Bride by Julie Garwood...I read it after the month of Ramadhan. Because it's sort of an adult book...You're going to have to read my review next time. 

I wasn't interested in Percy Jackson's series but I'm getting into it. My brother is totally into it if you read my first review of the Percy Jackson series. He'll be the first to read and finished it before I even read a word. And for 'Shiver', I so totally in love with the book. I meant the cover. Because a) the cover is so beautiful and blue and, b)even the font is blue! 

Catching Fire is the best I've read during that month.. Well, actually all the books are great for that month but Catching Fire is like the next Harry Potter books. Without the wizards and stuffs. It's so brutal! It's survival! It's so Awesome!!!(Am I getting too much?) And it's part of my series collection.

Last but not least, Are You Alone On Purpose? is not actually mine but my sister's. It's a book for teens and I had to read it because the title sort of connected to me. When I read this book, a friend saw it and asked me, 'Is this the book that tells you how to be alone?' Yes, I'm sort of a loner. When it is time for my reading. 

Before I end this blog I just want to say...

Happy Reading, 

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