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Science (Physics) GCE O'Level Examination Guide (Key.Points)

I can feel exam fever is coming therefore I decided to share with you with a book I bought that makes me have a good grades in my O'level Exam. This book is definitely for those who are taking Combined Science as one of their subjects and not Pure Science.

I don't know how much they sold this book back then and I don't know if they still sell it but this exam guide totally guides you through the subject smoothly. Anyways, this is a book for Combined Science Physics. Physics is my weakest subject therefore I've been searching for good notes or guides for months until I stumble upon this one. When I look through the book, I decided to buy it because of it's easy reading, pretty simple notes, the tips, clean diagrams and so much more. And when I showed it to my teacher, she too suggest all of us to buy it (especially for the weak ones).

Although, I don't want you guys to only concentrate on this exam guides. It's pretty important too to listen to your teachers' teaching so you can use this book as reference. I hope you guys will get good grades on your exams. Good Luck

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