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Never Let You Go by Erin Healy

“Falling in love isn’t Love with capital L.”
It’s been seven years since disaster struck her family. Lexi Solomon has held it all together since then – just barely.

But now Lexi is losing it. The husband who deserted her is back in town, wanting to see their daughter Molly. Her sister’s shameless murderer is up for parole. An unsavory old friend is demanding payment for debts that Lexi knows nothing about and can’t begin to meet.

And something else is going on – something Lexi feels but can’t explain. A dangerous shift is taking place
between this reality and the next. Forces beyond her imagination are vying for control.’ – book’s summary.

Lexi is a single mother, though still married to her estranged husband, who would do anything to protect her daughter. She works part-time, living with her friend and trying to put her life back together until people she knew come back to her life; Warden and her estranged husband, Grant.

Warden came to Lexi to collect some debts that Grant owed him. And he threatens her with her only weakness, which is her daughter. Warden keeps convincing Lexi that her sister’s death is her own fault that she died because of her sins. And then, unexpected things happen to Lexi.

This book covers a little bit of religion and suspense. Took me almost 2 months to finish it because it’s not my kind of book. The title says it all. You can’t run from your past. I would say the story started pretty slow but it does make sense in the end. Full of suspense that’s all I can say.

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