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The Other Side of The Story by Marian Keyes

'Dad, before I drop you home, I've to go to pharmacy.'
'What do you need?'
'But you haven't cut yourself.'
'Tissues, then.'
'Have you a cold?'
'Alright, Hedex,' I said irritably.
'Have you a headache?'
'I do now.'

Crossed women. Crossed lines. Crossed swords.

The Agent
Jojo, a high-flying literary agent on the up, has just made a very bad career move:
she jumped into bed with her married boss, Mark...

The bestseller
Jojo's sweet-natured client Lily's first novel is a roaring success. she and lover Anton celebrate by spending the advance for her second book. Then she gets writer's block...

The unknown
Gemma used to be Lily's best friend - until Lily 'stole' Anton. Now she's writing her own story - painfully and hilariously - when super-shark agent Jojo stumbles across it...

My first chick flicks. But this is the best and humorous book I've ever read and the first book I bought other than the Harry Potter series and before buying other books. Obviously, this story is about 3 women.

First is Gemma, who is revengeful towards her used-to-be-best friend, Lily who 'stole' her boyfriend. Then, her dad left her mother for another younger woman and her mom loves Lily's book, which is actually, almost based on her. She emailed her other friend about the problem she's having, very emotionally. Jojo, a literacy agent called Gemma and told her she likes her story(emails) so much and decided to sell it to publishers to publish her story. Her book is based on her life and the protagonist in her book. And along the way of writing, she realized her love story has begin, again.

Then, there's Lily who has a baby with Anton and living with him. She's a writer of 'Mimi's Remedies' which almost based on Gemma. Though, it's a bestseller and about to write a second book. She uses her money to buy a new house, away from their neighbor who'll sing a Christmas song to anyone wearing red. Unfortunately, they have to sell back their house as her second book is not as success as the first one and her relationship with Anton is beginning to apart.

And lastly, there's Jojo. A literacy agent who have an affair with her married boss, Mark. She's also the agent of Lily and Gemma which led the two 'met'. Mark asked her to live with him and he'll leave his wife. Will she or will she not live with Mark after she decided to leave her job and decided to start her own literacy agency ? And will Mark be by her side?

Gemma and Lily is written as first persons while Jojo is written as the third person. My 1st favourite book by Marian Keyes. A little difficult for me to read because of the size of the writing and also, it's the first book I've read besides Harry Potter. A very thick book for a small size. What else can I say? Consists of love, 'revenge' and humor. I laugh my head off until the end. Not literally.

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