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Exchange by Paul Magrs

‘There’s no “just” about it,’ said Simon. ‘That’s what we are. Proper readers.’
Story about book lovers for book lovers. I fell in love with this book once I read it. Well, actually I like the front cover. It’s quite simple and attractive. I spent almost an hour whether to buy this book or not. And in the end, it’s worth it!

A 16 year old Simon lives with his grandparents after the death of his parents. Simon and his grandma, Winnie are bookworms unlike his grandpa, Ray. Their house is filled with books and the smell of old papers. One day during their weekend, Simon and Winnie stumble across the Great Big Book Exchange – a bookshop with a difference. There they meet impulsive, gothic Kelly and her boss, Terrance – and the friendships forged in the Great Big Book Exchange result in startling and unsettling consequence for all of them.

The Great Big Book Exchange is somewhat like a bookstore but more like a library. They provide you with rare and old novels to be read, but should be return after finish reading them and pay with small amount. My favourite character in this book is Kelly. She may be a gothic but she’s fun and very straightforward. She’s not that rebellious like I thought she would be.

Through the Big Book Exchange, Simon found a new friend, Winnie found an old friend through a ‘novel’ and granddad, Ray has a little secret kept in his garage.

The book is not that thick and its fun to read it because I feel like this book is dedicated especially for book lovers. I think this book almost closed to the 1000journals project that I’ve found on the internet few years ago. But slightly different.

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