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Mackenzie, Lost and Found by Deborah Kerbel

'I looked up again into the blue desert sky, searching for...I'm not quite sure what. A sign of heaven? A sign of God? A sign of Mom? I didn't see anything, but it didn't really matter. I felt good, like I'd finally written the goodbyes I'd never had the chance to say.'

Still recovering from the loss of her mother, fifteen-year-old Mackenzie Hill feels like she's drowning in a sea of pain and loneliness. To make matters worse, her eccentric father is forcing her to leave behind the only home she's ever known and move with him to Israel.

Coming of age in the ancient city of Jerusalem, Mackenzie forges a friendship with an American girl who's also suffered a tragic loss. At the same time, she becomes caught up in a forbidden romance with a Palestinian boy and an unwitting involvement in a ring of black-market bandits. Mackenzie has to find a way to solve the mystery of the stolen artefacts without betraying her first love. And along the way, come to terms with the grief that has been slowly eating away at her heart - Summary

Never Judge The Book By It's Cover. Another one for me as I find the cover really interesting because I love how the picture was taken (as I'm also into photography) I would say this book more for the tweens aka preteens. So, I don't know but you decide.

This is my first book bought on BookDepository. Boy was I happy to receive it and what shocks me, the book is in a bubble mailers. You know, the envelope with the plastic bubbles in it that you can pop. Why it shocks me is because, I've been receiving my books from Amazon and they send it in a box and tightly secure. BUT BookDepository not only send me my book, it also includes a bookmark! How cool is that?!

Anyway, about this book. It's all about forbidden romance between Mackenzie and a Palestinian muslim boy called Nasir. Sure it was sweet at first when both of them steal glances at each other but when I read further it just got me...offended. And besides of their romance, Mackenzie's father is an archeologist and on his birthday, she bought a gift for him and turns out the gift was from the archeological sites. Nasir has problems on his own because of his father keeps forcing him into getting jobs to earn more money for his father's family. And they turned into doing illegal job by digging the archealogical sites and sell it to the black market.

I think that's all I've got to say. The book is not that very thick and not that very interesting but I'm just gonna give...

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