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Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

'A young girl from a Brazilian village, Maria's first innocent brushes with love leave her heart-broken, convincing her at a tender age that "love is a terrible thing that will make you suffer." When a chance meeting in Rio takes her to Geneva, she dreams of finding fame and fortune. Instead, she ends up working as a prostitute. Drifting farther and farther away from love, she develops a fascination with sex. But her despairing view of love will be put to the test when she meets a handsome young painter and mus choose between pursuing a path of darkness - sexual pleasure for its own sake - or risking everything to find her own "inner light" and the possibility of a "sacred" sex in the context of love' - book summary.

So ok, when is the last time I review Paulo Coelho's book? Hmm...Nevermind! I don't have a lot to say about this book because I forgot how the story goes. Since I've read it few years ago. Very bad memories.

But anyway, this book is totally, wait! X-Rated! I don't know which one comes first but I know it's not for the kids...Maria, the character in this story falls in love with a boy at school at the age of 11. When one day, she experienced her first day of menstruation (at this part I laugh) and she thought she was going to die. She decides to write a letter to the boy on how much she loves him. And one day, he went away.

Three years later, she falls in love again (but not as a lover but as a friend) and has her first kiss and has her first...well, 'findings' on her body. Years and years pass by, she went out with boys but promise herself never to fall in love again. She uses her beauty to attract boys and well, do stuffs.

As she grow older, she left her hometown to make money but turns to be a prostitute once she reached her place of work. She offers the 'needs' of men she met. Er...I should stop here.I guess you know what happens when you get this type of job...I hope you won't though.

Then, she saw a painter at a cafe, painting a portrait of someone when he stopped her from leaving the cafe as he says he saw a 'light' in her and decided to draw her sketch. They keep meeting each other, made love and at the same time learning what is the meaning of love.

So ummm...while I was reading this book, I feel err... embarassed. I mean, COME ON! It's like being caught reading a Playboy Magazine (which I've never read nor touched it). But anyways, I suggest and NOT suggest you to read this book. If you know what I mean...

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