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Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

My first post of Percy Jackson can be found here. I decided not to review each of the book because... Well, just because. I thought that I should review ONLY the first book and then read the rest and give a final review on the series.

What more I can say about this series?

It's the best and educational book so far. How is it educational? Well, every time I watched Greek mythology or theme movies or games such as Clash of the Titans and God of War, I almost recognized all of the characters although my brother (who also read the series) recognize most of them. Even the Heroes. Now I wish that I can study Greek Mythology.

The stories in this book are well written. I can even feel what the characters are feeling. The emotions going on.The relationship between Percy and Annabeth was...expected. The humor is good too. The unexpected hero, Luke.

And lastly, I'm rating this book...

Make sure you don't miss reading this series. It's well worth reading.
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Ps.It seems like the boxed set of this series is currently not available yet. 

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