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Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

What I think about this book? Finally! I thought 'Silence' the 3rd book of this saga is the final one!

For starters, I got lost when I read the first chapter because I forgot what happened in the last book. There's new characters like Blakely, Dante and Pepper and old ones like Dabria (Nora's sort-of-enemy and Patch's ex).

The story kind of a bit slow at first until you get to the middle (yes, most books are like that =_="). The interesting parts are always in the middle because they reveal the traitors, betrayals and dramas. Oh yeah, and Vee? Nora's bff, She's one of my favourite characters in the series and she just wants Nora to tell her something the Nora keeps to herselves.

Ah right, the protagonist Nora. She's been 'forced' an oath to destroy the fallen angels and she, as the leader of the nephilim army have to lead them. Problem is she can't do that since her boyfriend, Patch is a fallen angel and Patch as Nora's boyfriend and Nora as the new leader, the Nephilim can't trust her to lead. This is where Dante comes in. He volunteered to train Nora so she can be ready to lead the army eventhough she doesn't want to start a war between Nephilims and Fallen Angels.

Before I start to spoil you the story, I just have to mention a few things like Marcie keeps spoiling things when Nora and Patch almost get the answers to all of their questions.

I find this book quite...good, but not good enough. It's more like one of my light-reading books. ALTHOUGH, out of the 4 books of this series I find this one the best of all 4.

To the author, I would like to say thanks for your time in writing this book. It keeps me company during my free time.

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