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Shiver Trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater

'There was no sun; there was no light. I was dying. I couldn't remember what the sky looked like.
But I didn't die. I was lost to a sea of cold, and then I was reborn into a world of warmth.
I remember this: his yellow eyes.
I thought I'd never see them again.'

These are an excerpt from the first book of Shiver's Trilogy (Shiver, Linger, Forever). These trilogy is 5% (estimation) similar to the Twilight Saga. Yes, I have to mention Twilight because I read Shiver after I finished the Twilight saga and also because it's about werewolf. Thinking it might be another 'vampire' type of novel, I decided to read it and find out myself.

Let me list down why I decided to read the trilogy:

a) The summary - as stated above it's about werewolf, thought there might be vampires as well .
b) the book cover - I really, really love the book cover. I'm a sucker for book covers.
c) Author's name - Maggie Stiefvater.. Stiefvater... Rarely see that name. I'm not sure if I pronounce it correctly.

It's a story of a girl named Grace who falls in love with the yellow eyed wolf outside her house. And one day, she saw a naked boy bleeding outside her house. His name is Sam and he's actually the yellow-eyed wolf. So, here's a hint or a tip or...whatever you want to call it. Sam will turn to werewolf when the temperature is really cold. It's a curse for him for he will forever be a wolf if the temperature keeps dropping and he's losing the sense of humanity. And with all the killings spreading around their town, wolves are the target for hunters. They need to find a cure!

Isabel, a new girl in town needs their answers regarding her brother's death because she believed he is not dead yet. Her job is to stop hunters hunting the wolves, especially her dad.

And then there's Cole introduced in the second book and his role throughout the story.

The storyline makes me think like its an indie film because its slow (yeah, I think Indie film is slow) and the place Maggie described makes me think like that. Eventhough it's like that, I find the stories good. No helpless girl, no love triangle, how the characters were introduced and point of view of 4 characters aren't so confusing like most of the books I've read.

So, do I like this trilogy? No...I LOVE it!

Would I like to read another book by the same author? Hmmm...Maybe.

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