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Leaving Paradise & Return to Paradise by Simone Elkeles

Story of Caleb and Maggie.

Caleb Becker is Maggie's neighbor and best friend's brother who is popular at school and has a girlfriend. Then, he got drunk and hit Maggie Armstrong and drove off and was sent to juvenile detention. When he got out, he came home to people giving glares and stares at him, best friend who dates his girlfriend, a sister who turned into a goth and a mother who pretends that incident never happened.

Maggie Armstrong just wants to avoid meeting Caleb after the hit and run incident. Due to her limp, her chances of getting a scholarship to study abroad is nil. Everyone think she's a freak, limping around at school and places.

After they met accidentally and Mrs.Reynold's house, they get to know each other better, pouring their hearts out and at the end, the truth about what really happened during that accident.

In Return to Paradise, after Caleb left...Yes, yes... He and Maggie meet again and are forced to go for a summer trip for the RE-START program. In which teens that involves in some small crimes like drunk driving and also teens who are victims to that kind of incident came to sit down and give talks to other teens and children. Telling them how it affected their lives. During this trip, Caleb and Maggie tried to rekindle their love and also Maggie trying to force Caleb into telling the whole truth so it would save them from being stuck in the web of lies.

I really, really LOVE these books so much. They're not thick (I wish it is!), and they're easy to read. These are one of the best series I've ever read. I love how the POV changes between Caleb and Maggie. The characters are good and so is the storyline. The way the story was written its just smooth which matches the romance going on and with that high-school 'environment' which reminds me of 'A Walk To Remember' movie (and no, they have different storlines). I didn't actually expect the end to be so... shocking. Well, not shock shock. Maybe a little surprise.

Before I bought these, I have less expectation from them because they're for Young Adults or Teens so I thought, nyeh... But it changes my mind after I read few pages of the first book and became glued to it and ASAP, I went to order another one on BookDepository. These series aren't available in Brunei I believe.

So do I like this series? Didn't you read my review? DEFINITELY!

Would I like to read another book by the same author? I would love to and hope the others won't be a let down.

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