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Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah

'At school I'm Aussie-blonde Jamie - one of the crowd.

At home I'm Muslim Jamilah - drive mad by my Stone Age dad.

I should win an Oscar for my acting skills. But I can't keep it much longer...'

I always wanted to read this book for such a long time. And just last year, my sister bought and read it. And I'm a bit disappointed (not because I'm not the first one to read it) because of how the story was written. I feel like I'm reading a book for a pre-teen. Or maybe it is for pre-teen but even so, I didn't expect it to be a disappointment.

Why I want to read this book at first place was because of the storyline. It's about Jamilah or Jamie which she preferred to be called at school because her name represents a muslim name and being part of the minorities/foreigners/muslims in a school with racism. A girl who tries to hide her true identity so she can fit into the crowd at school and surviving teenage year with an over-protective dad.

Since it is also about culture and religion, I find it a bit offensive especially on how the religion is portrayed (on Jamie's brother and the end part of the book) and I have to keep my mind open really wide since it's just a novel. In terms of the characters? Really Annoying on most of them and that includes Jamilah. I feel like I just want to finish the book ASAP.

Would I like to read another book by the same author? Hmmm... Maybe. This book may be a disappontment but it's actually not a bad one. And I hope the other books are better than this.

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