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Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Travis Maddox lost his mother when he was very young. Her parting advice? Love hard... Fight Harder.
Before I begin my review, I would like to tell you how I got this book. Me and dad went to a famous local bookstore and saw this book on one of the shelves. I read the summary and thought, "Hmmm.. This sounds like a good book." I save the title AND the author on my phone so I can buy it next time. 2 weeks later, went to the same bookstore, saw it again and then buy! No more second thoughts... Ok that's a really boring story.

So, I bought this book because:

  1. I love the cover - It's a simple cover with a butterfly and a piece of paper that says "Love Travis". But, there's actually 2 covers (or more?) you can buy the other one with a guy's tattoo-ed biceps. I missed that one.. =_="
  2. On the top it says, "Find out what men REALLY think". - I'll never figure out what men really thinks. And lastly,
  3. It's about a bad boy and a girl who have no interest with him...Except for being friends... 
I love to read this kind of book. With a bad boy and a hard-to-get girl characters. Maybe I just like the fights between those 2. The thickness of this book is 433 pages and I have no complaints.

The characters:

Travis Maddox - The bad boy~ Grrrr... (ok, stop it). He's and underground fighter plus a popular one too because he keeps winning in every fights. And also famous for bringing home girls to...ehem.. Well... *censored*. Abby Abernathy - The hard-to-get girl and very secretive one too. When Travis met Abby, he found her very amusing and decided to get close to her but Abby warned him (even his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend who is also a friend of Abby) that she accepts being just friends with him and nothing more. But things get interesting... Travis can't keep his promise and fall in love with Abby.

My thoughts:
I find it frustrating reading this book. Uhuh...Yeah, I said it. Well because.. Like I said, I like this kind of stories because of the fighting between couples. But this one kind of frustrates me. Travis tries to keep his promise to just be friends with Abby but sort of 'prison-ed' her in his apartment (shared with Shepley) and he keeps bringing different girls to keep his minds of Abby. Then Abby got jealous and then Travis promised to not bring anymore girls because Abby doesn't like it and hope Travis will change. And then, Abby talks and get close to another guy or guys and then Travis got jealous. And then somehow one thing led to another but with both their egos so high, didn't want to go further than friendship. I was like. "GUYS!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!". Their fighting and egos are just going back and forth and then with Abby being too secretive and all. It just...ARGH!!!

But I love that Travis family (his father and brothers) are in the book as well. With their mother died, you just want to know how the family of men are doing.

It's an enjoyable book to read. I keep on flipping the pages to see what happens next (duh~). And then, I put down the book to do my work and then read it again. I don't think its that bad but it's just a GOOD book. Not the best... but Good.

My advice:
When I finished this book, I found out that there's actually a first book which is called Beautiful Disaster. BUT, Walking Disaster is NOT actually the sequel to Beautiful Disaster. It's actually the same story, just different Point-Of-Views. Beautiful Disaster is in Abby Abernathy's POV and Walking Disaster is Travis Maddox.

Will I read the first one? Maybe not.

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