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True Singapore Ghost Stories by Russell Lee

This popular series of books by Russell Lee is about the collection of true ghost stories from Singapore as well as the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The book is currently in its 18th series. This book gives you some insights on the unique paranormal scene in this part of Southeast Asia and how they affect the culture and the lives of the people. As some of you might be aware of that Asia has a unique culture with some having a touch of mystics and supernatural to them.

If you want to know more about the famous ghosts in Southeast Asia such as pontianak, this book and you'll find a lot about them in the stories. The book uses first person narration which gives the stories a more "true story" look. Overall this book is a pleasure to read and a perfect reading when you're just relaxing on the couch to pass the time. But just be sure to read the book on daytime unless you're brave enough to imagine what you're not suppose to be imagining. Beware! Remember to buy the original one with the "Angsana Books" imprinted on the front cover.

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