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Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah

I was introduced to the writings of Yen Mah by my father who bought her book, Chinese Cinderella. I was totally in love with the books and has been a big fan of hers ever since. Chinese Cinderella is the shorter version of Falling Leaves where the story is the same but with CC, the story stops at the time when Yen Mah's father offered her the chance to go to England. But with Falling Leaves, the story continues to the 1990's Hongkong and Shanghai.

This book has a great storyline although reading the beginning part of the book can make you want to give up reading it. As I read it further, I found myself to become immersed in Adeline's story and can never stop reading because I wanted to know what will happen next for Adeline. I am able to finished the book in one day.

Falling leaves never seem to bored me even after reading it several times. Plus, the simple english used in the books make it even easier for people like me who considered english as our second language. Get some coffee and start reading this book. I gurantee you will enjoy it.

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