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Cut by Cathy Glass

"Tomorrow I will be fine. I promise you, Cathy."

Writing under a pseudonym and based on true story, Cathy and her husband John has been trying for years for a baby until they turn into fostering. Few years later, she found out she is pregnant while fostering a first child.

When the baby was born, and the foster child was given back to his family, the fostering agent called Cathy to foster another child. And she met Dawn, a 13 year old and very polite girl. But the foster agent told Cathy otherwise but she didn't believe a word when she finally found out about the truth when Dawn steps out into the outside world.

On the first night when Dawn arrived, she sleepwalks into Cathy & John's room. Then, Cathy found out about Dawn's cutting problem from Dawn's biological mother. Cathy tries to find out why Dawn did it as the fostering agent and Dawn's mother wouldn't tell Dawn's past.

A story of an abandoned, abused little girl who was desperate to be part of a family. I finished this book in just 4 days! Saw this book in Times Bookstore, KK and when I opened this book and read the first letter...yes, letter! It just got me addicted!

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