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Sweetness in The Belly by Camilla Gibb

"I wanted to know. We were drying off, getting ready to leave & he said: Maybe one day you'll have a chance to ask them. It was odd - like he knew somehow that I would."

Story about the life of a British girl, Lilly. Lilly's parents leave her at a Sufi shrine in Morocco (while they were on vacation) at such a young age & they will be back to collect her in 3 days. 3 weeks later, she learns that they've been murdered.

At the age of 8, she started studying the Quran taught by her guardian & live as a muslim. Few years later she travel to Harar in Ethiopia, where the Harari people called her 'Farenji' - foreigner. She tries to soften and win the heart of the Harari people by teaching their children the Quran & do chores. Then, she met a doctor & falls in love with him but due to political complications, Lily has to flee back to England where she thinks she's an outsider.

The story is good but very slow. And at one chapter, I felt so angry at the leading lady because of something she did. I finished this book a bit faster then I thought because I really wanted to know what's happening to all of them especially Lilly and the doctor. I don't believe it myself that this book is not written by a muslim writer.

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