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A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

'Oh', a tear fell from her eye & she quickly wiped it away. 'What else, who else did you see? Did my mum & dad say anything? What did they look like?'

And so I brought her home.

Sandy Shortt is obsess in finding things that gone missing since the disappearance of her childhood classmate 20 years ago. Any missing things such as a missing pair of socks, the car keys she misplaced, or people missing from their loved ones. Her main goal is to find them and send them back home.

Jack Ruttle is one of those desperate person who is in search of his brother that gone missing for a year. He turns to Sandy for help.

But when Sandy goes missing too, she stumbles upon a place where all the missing people and things are. Being in that place, away from her lovved one, her goal now is finding her way back home.

One of Cecelia's book that I might not reread again, because there's not much dialog and too much flashbacks which I got confused along the way. One thing I like this book is that it's imaginative, that's what Ms.Ahern's does best. But it also makes me sad when reading at some parts. The starting is a bit slow but the ending is satisfying.

Ps. U.S version is called 'There's No Place Like Here'

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