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Wild Swans by Jung Chang

I absolutely in love with this book and It is now officially one of my many favourite books. This book depicts the story of three women of different generations living in different periods of time in China. The three women which consist of Jung Chang's Grandmother, her mother and herself told their own haunting stories living during the political turmoil in China under the Japanese occupation, under the Kuomintang and under Mao Zedong.

What makes this book an enjoyment to read is how Jung Chang managed to described the stories of her Grandparent, her parents and herself in a way that you immediately can relate yourself to the characters and you can feel the feeling of hope, love and courage shown by the characters. The haunting stories of the book follows me everywhere that I am able to remember all the stories vividly. This book was published in the early nineties but I only found out about this book recently while I was on my holiday trip to Malaysia. And did you know this book was banned in China? Nonetheless, I highly recommend this book.

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