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Wiley Publishing Inc, Digital Field Guide

As a phenomena going around Brunei, that is Photography as a hobby, I thought I might want to review about a book published by the Wiley Inc. I haven't read so much about this kind of book (my dad has one for his Canon EOS 40D) but the book is too simple but has so much information about your current camera. It may not give information about how to be a 'professional' but it provides much information on the simple things like how to take a picture in different angles and stuffs like that that can make yourself a pro in minutes or so. It also provides clear pictures on photo that have taken as a sample.

To all the beginners, I recommend for you guys to buy this kind of book. I don't know if it's available in Brunei but you can find it in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah...That's where my dad bought his. I think it cost Rm$70++ but it's w0rth it.

You can find the books here. Eventhough they're under the 'Digital Field Guide', they are not written under the same author.

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