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Sepulchre by Kate Mosse

"Consider how a sword is either an instrument for good or for bad. It is the hand that wields it that makes it so, not the steel"

This book tells a story about 2 women in different year and the story changes between the 2.

It started with Leonie in the year 1891. Leonie's mother Marguerite received a letter from their aunt Isolde, her deceased half-brother's wife. Their aunt invited them, Leonie, Anatole (Leonie's brother) and Marguerite to visit her in Domaine de La Cade where she resides. Leonie was so happy to get to travel and visit her aunt for the first time but she didn't know behind this letter, there's a secret she'll discovered. When reaching the Domaine, Leonie discovered a Sepulchre at the Domaine's backyard and read about the mystery of the Sepulchre in which causes the death of her uncle.

Then, there's Meredith living in the present (2007). She came to Paris for research on a biography and also to find her family origins. She visits a card reader (tarot cards) when she was told to and has to discover the meanings of the card that were being flip out. What she is destined to find. And at one time, she needed a place to stay for a while and find a hotel named Domaine De La Cade and...things happen.

It was fun reading this book. Bought this in KK in June last year but read it after my exam (so around November or December).Different from others that I've read. I totally use my imagination and imagine actors and actresses that would fit the characters in the book. Totally like a movie and should be make as a movie. But anyways, of course the introduction is always slow but once I get further, I don't dare to put it down! The story is about secrets, revenge, a bit of horror and tragic love. And it's nice! =D
Ps.I love to pronounce Domaine de La Cade

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