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Dangerous by Nora Roberts (3-in-1)

What do you do when you've surrendered your heart...
and the one you love just might be involved in murder?
Risky Business
She was a maddening combination of mystery and innocence. But Liz was the key to finding his brother's killer, so cynical Jonas Sharpe had to stick close...too close for comfort.

Storm Warning
He had shattered her world once, but when Lucas MacLean reentered Autumn's life, she couldn't deny the love still blazing inside inside her - or the evidence she had that said he could be guilty of murder.

The Welcoming
He'd never known the warmth of a home - until he found his way to Charity's inn...and into her arms. But Roman DeWinter had come looking for a criminal mastermind - and all evidence pointed to Charity

So this is like 3-in-1 book. I don't know how to explain each of the stories since I bought this book 3 years ago. But let me refresh my mind.

The first story is about Liz and Jonas. Jonas's brother, Jerry, has been found dead on a sandy beach. And Jonas went to meet Liz and asks about his brother's activity which Liz is unknown of. While Liz doesn't want to accept new man into her life as the last one left her when she got pregnant but Jonas has his ways to welcome himself into Liz's life.

The second one is about Autumn and Lucas. Lucas broke Autumn's heart long time ago because of what Lucas is and they met again at her aunt's inn. One night, Autumn is attacked when she's in her dark room and the first suspect is Lucas.

And the last one is about Roman and Charity. Charity hire Roman to do some carpentry job for her Inn but Roman's real job is to find a criminal which might involve Charity. And... something like that.

I love romance stories and I love this one. As I don't have to buy 3 books for a story but 3 stories in 1 book with the same theme and different stories. I don't know how much I bought this book BUT I bought this from Best Eastern and I don't know if it is still available. I'm giving this book...

*Warning: Adult Content! Not suitable for children.

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