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Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War by Steve Phillips

I know how difficult it was to find a good history book particularly for the A Level student who took International History paper. Before I found out about this book, I was considered to be a dumb-ass on the Cold War topic. The whole issues about Capitalism, Communism, nuclear arms race and so on, never seem to make sense to me. Although I enjoyed my teacher's lessons on the topic and for a moment I seem to understand what she said but later I will forget about what she had just said. The books on the Cold War which were provided by our school did not help much to clear my confusion on the topic.

For me the books were not giving a clear and direct info on the Cold War and I would have to read them as if I was reading a novel. Moreover, I considered the english used in those books to be slightly advanced than that of my level of english and thus making it difficult to understand what was written. One of my friends happened to bought the Heinemann Advanced History: The Cold War and that is how I was introduced to this book. From my point of view, the book can be useful to students because it gives a clear and concise information on the Cold War topic.

The size of the words were big enough to see without straining the eyes. Some of the difficult terms in the topic, for e.g. ABM,Vietcong... were defined in a clear english. So for those of you, students or adults, who wants to learn and understand more on the Cold War in a short period of time, I highly recommend this book. For the students, I hope this books will help you to pass your exams. Good luck!

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