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Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

For those of you who like some motivation in getting through life, I highly recommend reading this book. the story centered on the lectures held between Mitch Albom and his former University lecturer, Morrie Schwartz on every Tuesday. I would describe the experience reading this book as though you're there in every lessons with both of the characters and listening to every words of wisdom that came out from Morrie's mouth.

I envy Morrie for being able to enjoy life but at the same time facing the reality that he has little time left on earth. He has that confident that you rarely see on other people. I felt deeply touched by Morrie's character that I would cry by the end of the book especially the part where Morrie had passed away. The greatest lesson that I gained from reading this book is that always look positively in everything.

From my point of view, Morrie is someone optimistic and that is how he was able to went on with his life as if everthing's normal and like his doctor never told him about his life-threatening disease. What is more important is learn from Morrie's character, ponder some of the words he said in the book and apply them to your life.

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