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Kampung Boy by Lat

I grew up reading Kampung Boy and not only Kampung Boy but also other comic books by Lat. What appeals to me about Kampung Boy is the distinct feeling of living in a "kampung" or village. I can always relate to the main character which is the kampung boy himself, Lat who always hang out with his pals and his little sister.

Whenever I read Kampung Boy, I would remember the time when I was living in the Kampung somewhere in rural Tutong and I remember taking a bath in the river near my grandmother's house and being told by my cousins that there might be a crocodile lurking nearby. Nothing can compensate for living in the Kampung.

Back to Kampung Boy, another thing that I like about it is the unique features of the characters and I also find it funny sometimes. Lat, the main character seem to have his eyes covered by his hair everytime and I remember one of his pals whom I can't remember his name, is cross-eyed and has front teeth which too forward. This book has been made into a TV show and I remember it was shown a few years back at Astro but for me reading the series is a lot more fun. Although now it is difficult to find this book but If manage to find it, I would highly recommend you to buy it or any books by Lat.

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