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Silent Boy by Torey Hayden

'When someone sort of hates you,' he said, 'They do things to you. You never know when it's going to happen. You never know exactly what. But when someone hates you, you always know they'll do things.'

A book I bought in KK that cost $85.69. A story about a child psychologists, named Torey Hayden tries to help a 15 year old boy to speak again for he had not spoken a word for 8 years.When Torey breaks the 'silence', she learns about his horrible past.

The story started with Torey being introduced to the boy named Kevin, hiding under a table. She tries to make Kevin talks in several methods or ways, then bring him to the outside world, teach him swimming and meeting new people. Torey's heart will not rest until she helps Kevin to be 'alive' young boy who could talk again and live his life like all normal boys would do.

This story is a true story and Kevin does exist. If don't believe me, check here. This book kind of inspiring and I get to learn how terrible events/past such as child abuse, broken family can affect the growth of a child emotionally and how, for us people, could help this children in need and be patient.

When I read this book, after reading several pages it's become so addicted because you want to know what's going to happen to Kevin, if Torey manage to help this poor boy and if Kevin finally have his happy ending.

Ps. This book is also under the name 'Murphy's Boy'

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