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AS and A Level: Oxford Revision Guides

This Oxford Revision Guides book series is a must for A Level students or perhaps those who are keen to know more about any particular subjects covered by this series. The subjects covered by this series include Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Government and Politics and so on.

This series is a must if you want to know learn and understand a subject in a short period of time because this books uses a lot of diagrams to convey the important points of the subject. It is similar to using a mind map while learning but the only thing is the mind map is already provided and it is only depend on us to understand them and try to register the points in our mind.

But the only drawbacks is since it uses a lot of diagrams, the information given are very brief and not enough. This book would be suitable to those who are very familiar with the subject of their interest but needed to freshen up their mind and recall back what their had learned and that is when the diagrams on this book will be useful.

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